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welcome to the WOA Forum Gallery. If you like you can register to upload your own photos or log in to edit your photos or your profile.

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New (old) domain

written on 31.12.2010
With many thanks to Viburnum opulus, it's not possible for us to offer the forum gallery to you under a new, though actually old domain name - the domain with which the gallery originated under metalprincesses supervision: forum-gallery.de

Due to issue with the server provider the gallery is unfortunately not available under woa-gallery.emperor.cc anymore and you will have to update your bookmarks, but that's a very small price to pay.

With this, we wish you a happy new year!


written on 24.12.2010
You've been waiting for such a long time, but finally Santa's got a present in his bag for you - Welcome to the WOA Forum Gallery 2.0!

As a start, here are the most important news for you:

What's new?
In short: Everything is new. The new gallery is somewhat userfriendlier, because now you're responsible for your own user profile. You just need to register and activate your account and then you're free to create your own profile page.

When will my photo be online?
It usually won't take more than a day until I confirm your photo. Keep in mind that I won't confirm pornographic photos or such with far-right political content. What's more, please remember to ask the other people on your photos or those who took the photos if they're OK with publishing them.
When uploading, please choose a picture where your face is recognizable. The gallery's purpose is also to recognize each other when seeing in real life, so it doesn't make sense if you upload only pictures of body parts, comics or pictures where you're not recognizable at all due to bad quality.

Where are my old pictures?
If your pictures have been in the old gallery and you wonder where they've gone - they're not online anymore, also due to data privacy. There were lots of members, who have been inactive for a very long time and who probably already forgot about the gallery. If you still want your old photos in the gallery and you can't find them on your computer anymore, just send us an email and I'll send your old picture to you.

For now, that's all I want to say to you. My special thanks go to schneeWITCHen and FromTheToedden, who are responsible for creating this website, and Emperor, who kindly provides the server for the gallery.

Have fun with the new gallery,I wish you Happy Christmas and a great New Year.